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Your meetings sound a bit scary for a beginner, will I be be thrown in at the deep end?
No. The first time you attend our regular meetings you can choose how much you take part. We will encourage you to do so but if you just want to watch what happens to start with, that will be fine. At our special focus meetings you will need to take an active part as they are normally only one or two evenings / days. However, they are flexible enough to help beginners as well as more experienced visitors.

I haven't been on a training course, do I need any experience to join your club?
No. We have members with a broad mix of skills and experience. Our activities are designed to help at any level, from beginners to experts.

I've been on a training course. Will joining your club be of any use to me?
Yes. Speakers Club is an ideal follow-on after attending a course. We help you expand the skills you have learned and you will build more confidence over time.

Do you run training courses?
We are preparing some specific training courses. These are likely to cover an introductory course for beginners and specialised courses for interviews and wedding speeches.

I notice you practise giving prepared and impromptu speeches. What things do people talk about?
Anything and everything. The impromptu speeches are normally based around a theme or random topic given to the speaker. Prepared speeches are normally chosen by the speaker and cover an endless range of topics. This is a bonus as you not only learn about public speaking, you learn about the topic too. In the past we've had topics ranging from lead mining in the Durham Dales to dangerous dogs and keeping fit.

I can't make the meetings on Monday evenings, do you run any on other days?
Not at present. We occasionally hold special meetings and these are sometimes on days and at times other than a Monday evening.

How long do your meetings last?
Our regular meetings ususally last 1½ hours, finishing by 9pm. Special meetings have a similar length but specific events can vary. Times are normally given on our events page or other announcements.

My new job involves me being interviewed by the media. Would your exercises help me with that?
Yes. We often practice general interview techniques and these can be adapted to media interviews.

Our organisation has several people who could benefit from the help you provide, can you run a special meeting for us?
Yes, we are happy to run special demonstration meetings for any group that could benefit. This would normally be a one-off event. We would then encourage individuals to attend our regular meetings.

I am a member of my local speaking club and will be visiting Darlington soon. Can I attend your meetings?
Yes, you would be most welcome to visit us if you are in the area. We would not charge for occasional visits in this case.

If I go on your mailing list, will I receive lots of junk mail and spam emails?
No. We only use our list for contacting you about our activities. You can read our privacy policy for more details.

Some of your paperwork has a strange copyright message referring to a Creative Commons Licence. Does this mean I can copy your information?
Yes and no. Generally you can make copies but with certain restrictions e.g. not copying them for commercial gain. The licences vary for each document and you would need to check what you are allowed to do in each case. You can contact us to confirm that copying is allowed or check the licence terms at Creative Commons.

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Venue Directions

Dolphin Centre, Darlington

Most of our meetings are held at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington. Here are directions if you are visiting from out of town.

More Information

If you would like more information about the group you may either use our enquiry form or give David a call on 07726 910542 during office hours.