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Why It Works

Over the years the group has had substantial success* helping people achieve their goals, gain confidence and cope with challenging situations.

We are happy to help anyone, from complete beginners to those with more substantial experience. The methods we use can help you whatever your aims or circumstances.

First, we try to create an environment that is friendly, relaxed, constructive, normally informal, and often a bit of fun!

Our meetings combine a bit of learning with a lot of practice. Our main purpose is to build experience and confidence. You will also learn a lot through this approach rather than by formal teaching methods.

Your Goals At Your Own Pace

You set your own targets and go at your own pace. This means you can develop the skills you need within a realistic time frame. There is no pressure to reach a particular standard by a specific time. We can guide you in these choices but you will be able to identify this yourself after a few meetings.

You can develop your own personal delivery style whether it be formal or informal, humorous or straight, calm or enthusiastic.

You are free to experiment with new techniques. You don't have to worry whether they work or not. It's OK to make mistakes and better to do that in the safe environment of our meetings where it doesn't matter, rather than in a real-life situation.

Positive Feedback

Probably the most important parts of any meeting are when members give feedback to each other. We try to keep this positive and constructive to encourage improvement in our skills and growth in confidence.

Our methods give you greater benefits than an intensive one-day course that offers little opportunity to practise. If you have been on a public speaking training course, we can help you build on what you have learned and discover some other techniques you can use too.

Being part of a supportive group that gives constructive feedback will help you to learn new skills, hone the skills you already have and build up your confidence for speaking to groups of people.

* Through previous incarnations including Darlington Speakers Club and Speak For Yourself

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Venue Directions

Dolphin Centre, Darlington

Most of our meetings are held at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington. Here are directions if you are visiting from out of town.

More Information

If you would like more information about the group you may either use our enquiry form or give David a call on 07726 910542 during office hours.