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What We Do

At Speakers Club - Darlington we practise skills for public speaking and other forms of group communication.

We run regular meetings for members where you can:

  • learn and practice a variety of techniques
  • rehearse your own speeches
  • eliminate poor habits such as hesitation, repetition of meaningless phrases or crazy arm waving
  • make mistakes where it doesn't matter and learn from them
  • discover ways to avoid those mistakes
  • share your own experiences with other members
  • build up your confidence
  • overcome any worries or fears you may have.

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Special Meetings

We also hold special meetings that focus on specific themes such as interviewing, business presentations, wedding speeches, etc.

These meetings are open to anyone and are ideal if you just want a little help, without any on-going commitment.

Places at our special meetings are limited and advance booking is essential. There is a small charge to attend, payable with your booking.

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Speaking Activities

A typical meeting can cover activities such as:

Prepared speeches - prepare a 5 - 10 minute speech in advance and deliver it at the meeting. This will include researching the subject, speech structure, audience awareness, delivery techniques, feedback.

Short impromptu speeches - speak for 1 or 2 minutes on a themed or random topic. This includes thinking on your feet, getting to the point, feedback.

Discussions and debates - discuss or debate a specific topic or issue. This can include exploring a topic, asserting your point of view, countering arguments, judging the points raised, summary and conclusion, round table or team based, feedback.

Interviews - short, individual or team interviews. Includes asking and answering, anticipating and preparing, open or closed questions, interaction with other people, being concise, honesty vs. exaggeration, feedback.

Audio-visual aids - supporting your speech or presentation with visual and other aids. This includes flip charts, projectors, slide shows, video, audio, handouts, relevant objects, feedback.

Members can also offer to plan and chair a meeting, control the timekeeping, introducing a speaker, give votes of thanks, prepare special activites and participate in numerous other ways.

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Venue Directions

Dolphin Centre, Darlington

Most of our meetings are held at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington. Here are directions if you are visiting from out of town.

More Information

If you would like more information about the group you may either use our enquiry form or give David a call on 07726 910542 during office hours.